Russian women

This world would be nothing without a women or a girl!
You all, Gentlemen, agree with this sentence since you are here to find your special one, your one and only, a woman who will complete your world to perfection! And we invite you to celebrate the 8th of March, WOMAN'S DAY and send your best wishes to the women you like! They will certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness!

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Action starts in days hours min sec

Our action starts on the 2nd of March and will continue till Woman's Day, March 8th. During this time you will be able to:

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PLUS! Read video-introduction letters
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Our web-site offers you to order gifts for your ladies with 50% discount on delivery! Ordering gifts between 1st and 8th of March 2018 you pay only 2 BRIDIKs for delivery (instead of the usual 3), and get FREE photo on delivery (which usually costs 1 BRIDIK)! Do not forget that you can always choose desirable date for delivery of your gift!

Tempting offer for those who chat a lot! Buy one of our on-line chat minutes packages and pay as little as 0.34 USD per minute of chat, and get FREE minutes for every chat!

Between 1st and 8th of March 2018 you will get BONUSES with your payments.

Buy 4 BRIDIKs and get 1 additional to your account (25% BONUS)!
Buy 8 BRIDIKs and get 2 additional to your account (25% BONUS)!

NOTE: Bonuses are added ONLY when you buy mentioned amounts of BRIDIKs. If you buy any other amount of BRIDIKs, no bonuses will be added. Bonuses do not sum up, the higher bonus will be applied.

Pleasant surprise for those who want to help their ladies to learn English! Order Easy English audio course for 5 BRIDIKs!